February 6, 2008

oh comixx

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Sometimes I forget that Jeffrey Brown’s comics pretty much always relate to me and everyone else I know a little too well.


Jeffrey Brown can be found here. 


January 30, 2008

I wish i had made this joke seven years ago

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The Dangers of Data Mining

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In the era of Web 2.0, integration is key. By merging personal preference and habits with commerce, advertisers know exactly what to offer us. We list our favorite musicians on Facebook and get surprised when Amazon knows exactly what CDs to recommend. The ability to pick out seemingly disparate information and use it to match similar tastes with millions of users is why data mining is such an essential part of online businesses. By putting your likes and dislikes into easily commodifiable About Mes and Interest lists, you wind up making the broad world of what is out there on the internet that much smaller

Google, of course, is obsessed with the practice. In their broad range of services, they put themselves in a position to know the most about you. This, of course, could be a detrimental look into your own personal being. So imagine my surprise when I mess up my Google Mail login and get this random string of letters to verify that I am not a spam bot.



January 6, 2008

The worst names for a blog

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Everyone is blogging!Newspapers, tv stations and all the other forms of traditional media say that everyone is blogging and not paying enough attention to them!

Well, maybe not everyone is blogging, but god knows they haven’t tried. Searching around the media juggernaut that is blogspot.com, you can find thousands of blogs that failed after one post. In fact, you can type just about anything and put a dot blogspot dot com after it and you’ll find one.

You know, any kind of whimsy will lead you to start a blog. Take for instance Blog Cabin Republican, a site started in 2005 with only one post:

Ok, this is my first venture into the blogsphere…..This site will reflect my personal thoughts and ideas about the world as I see it and how raising two teenage boys has turned my (sic) gray way before my time.

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That’s the last we ever heard of Curt. But that gives us more than the fellows over at Blogtoberfest ever gave us, and even that’s more than what you’ll find at Blogarithm.

So what happens when every pun from the word blog gets claimed by everyone? Then where will people be able to post up their thoughts and musings? At least some of them have gotten some wear and tear out of these domains, folks like I Cant Believe its not Blogger and (with regards to all my Arkansans) Legend of Bloggy Creek, but no thanks at all to Blogging Molly.

Oh dudes, I hear this one is still available:

blog and toad are frenzzz

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